We gather the hottest creative events from Romania under the same roof

Design aficionados can find here a variety of events, from webinars, podcasts and conferences to online workshops, meetups, exhibitions and courses.

We cover a wide range of industries like digital product design, fashion, architecture & interior design, industrial design, graphic design and new media.

We’re happy we can deal with the nice effort of manually curating the best romanian creative events for you!

Who are we?

Design Events was launched on February 23, 2019 by Boti and Dan, as they couldn’t find any aggregator at the time, that collects exclusively romanian design events under the same roof.

Morphing to numbers, our first year concluded in 423 events hosted by 117 organizers in 9 cities. We’ve registered 4400+ unique visitors with a total of 16k pageviews. Our Instagram community grew to nearly 700 followers and we’ve hosted 2 giveaway contests courtesy a couple of organizers.

We have some bold plans for the upcoming year, but meanwhile we are strongly committed to keep listing the very best design events from Romania!