2-Week Online Design Thinking Fundamentals Course

2-Week Online Design Thinking Fundamentals Course

Course Design Thinking Digital Product Design User Experience

(Romanian spoken)
This interactive online course will equip you with the Design Thinking mindset, tools and skills to kick-start bold innovation. You will be working virtually on a human-centered challenge under live guidance of our skilled facilitators. With a combination of live classroom sessions, group assignments and homework you will gain practical knowledge and experience to apply Design Thinking in your daily work.

Key Benefits

  • Learning and working alongside leading coaches;
  • Opportunity to use the down time to up-skill the workforce;
  • No need to travel;
  • Get introduced to new tools and methods for your teams to keep collaborating virtually;
  • Work with colleagues geographically dispersed, with whom you don’t usually interact;
  • Spread over 6 bite-sized 2-hour sessions, this course format is less disruptive to regular work rhythm;

Our Approach

You’ll be introduced to Design Thinking by directly experiencing a set of tools and methods under the guidance of our leading coaches, which you can then use to shape and improve the services you offer. 

You will gain a foundational understanding of the principles and mindsets that underpin Design Thinking, and you will gain practical experience with Design Thinking’s key tools and processes. Armed with this new understanding, you’ll return to work with an approach that reaches for more engaging, open-minded, expansive and human-centric solutions. 

All tools covered will be made available to you, so that you can take these and start applying them the very next day after the course on your personal or work life. 

The course takes place in 7 sessions (including on-boarding).


DesignThinkers Academy Eastern Europe

Date & time

18th May, Monday

29th May, Friday