ADAPTIVE STORYTELLING | Art Research Conference

ADAPTIVE STORYTELLING | Art Research Conference

Conference Cross Disciplinary Design

As of 2021, the National University of Theatre and Film in Bucharest (UNATC) sets out to organize a yearly ART RESEARCH CONFERENCE, under the ARC UNATC heading, aiming to bring together studies, research and practices primarily in the performing arts and film, but also in connected fields, with a focus on interdisciplinarity and the intersection of domains, from science and emerging technologies, to music and design, from theory to interactivity, from fundamental research, to experimental and restorative research in the arts and through the arts.

The theme of the 2021 Art Research Conference is ADAPTIVE STORYTELLING open to postgraduate students, professors, practitioners and researchers invited to present their findings in both theory and practice from the following fields: theatre, film, performing arts, visual arts, design, architecture, cultural studies, humanities, but also from more technical fields that make use of the arts to tell stories, such as AR, VR, MR, game design, AI-driven art, interactive tools or specialized fields of technology highly consistent and relevant to the proposed theme.

We invite you to submit papers for the international interdisciplinary conference themed ADAPTIVE STORYTELLING that will be held in situ at the National University of Theatre and Film in Bucharest (UNATC), in Bucharest, 2-5 December 2021.

Projects developed through research and presentations of research results will be highly valued.
We look forward to receiving papers of original, provoking work and research.
Aside from the sections dedicated to the presentation of research papers, one section of the conference will be dedicated to presentations of innovative art practices.

*Given the current global situation and possible travel restrictions, the conference will also be broadcast live with the open possibility for online participation, although priority will be given to in situ participation.




Date & time

2nd Dec, Thursday

5th Dec, Sunday


CINETic UNATC, str. Tudor Arghezi nr. 3-B, sector 2, Bucuresti, Romania