Advanced Design Sprint Facilitation

Advanced Design Sprint Facilitation

Workshop Design Sprints User Experience Digital Product Design

A 2-day design sprint training for future Design Sprint Masters/Facilitators.

About this Event

Can you imagine someone teaching you how to ski while sitting comfortably on your couch? Pretty impossible. The only way you can become a great skier is by going on the mountain and sliding. Design Sprint facilitation is skill-based, and it requires practice. One cannot become an expert overnight.

Both AIMS and Design Sprint Academy believe in experiential learning and so do the alumni students. Here’s what they have to say about it:

This training is for you if you already acquired the theoretical knowledge, meaning: you’ve read the Sprint book, you’ve watched an online course, you’ve joined a Design Sprint intro workshop, you’ve attended or even organised a design sprint or two. Now, you want to take your innovation skills to the next level and gain more confidence in the way you facilitate this framework.

In this experiential learning journey, you’ll learn how to:

  • onboard and engage your sprint team
  • guide the sprint team through all the 5 phases of a sprint
  • manage difficult situations and personality types (i.e. sceptics, debaters, time wasters, power-driven, or rebels)

Additional benefits:

  • Muscle up your mediation skills to help manage difficult group dynamics
  • Increase your influential skills by keeping team members focused on critical discussions
  • Get feedback from seasoned Design Sprint Facilitators during a simulated design sprint run by you

What will be the key topics?

  • Design sprint planning
  • Design sprint ground rules & mindset
  • Nonverbal & para-verbal communication
  • Knowing what questions to ask
  • Emotion management
  • Conflict management
  • Participation encouragement
  • Decision making, focus & plan of action

About organisers

Member of AIMS International network, AIMS International Romania(Timisoara office) is one of the pioneers in HR & business consulting in Romania, with more than 25 years of experience on the local market and a history of doing things differently, a history of innovation and experimentation in helping hundreds of businesses (both multinationals and Romanians) and thousands of individuals to flourish.

Consequently, our long term goal is to create together with our clients, ’’the organization of the future’’: human-centered, innovative, emotionally intelligent, flexible, transparent, productive, engaging and collaborative.

Customized Trainings and Workshops, Vision and Strategy Consultancy, Leadership Development programs, Solution Focused Coaching Services, HR Processes Consultancy are just a few of the services offered to the market.

To reach our long term goal, we continuously look for new ways of work and we are thrilled to have found the perfect intersection between quick results and care for people, between company and customer needs, between individual and teamwork. This is the #DesignSprint – a concept currently being adopted around the world by companies from the most diverse industries.

Therefore, starting with June 2019, and due to extensive preparation, AIMS International Romania, Timisoara office, has become Design Sprint Academys exclusive partner for the Romania market.

Design Sprint Academy is worldwide recognized for the substantial improvements to the initial method, first launched by Google Ventures. Their Design Sprint journey started in late 2015 before the Google Ventures book ‘Sprint’ was published. Since then they’ve run dozens of design sprints for a variety of companies, from Fortune 500 companies to startups, including training Google in San Francisco.

This event is organized by AIMS Timisoara in collaboration with Design Sprint Academy.


Design Sprint Academy + AIMS International Romania

Date & time

13th Feb, Thursday

14th Feb, Friday


str. Borsec nr. 4, Timisoara, Romania