AI Design Sprint™ – learn to develop AI concepts fast

AI Design Sprint™ – learn to develop AI concepts fast

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AI is here. It already has transformed entire industries and jobs, and it just got started. Take the first step to future-proof your career by understanding the capabilities of AI and learning how to create AI concepts for your company or clients.

Experience the core of the AI Design Sprint™, the concept development session, and get smarter about AI!

 What will be the outcome of these sessions?

– Understand what you can do with AI
– Develop a specific AI concept
– Experience the AI Design Sprint™ Concept Development session
– Gain confidence to take an active role in the AI transformation of your company or client company
– Access the growing community of people around the AI Design Sprint™

What you can expect?

Expect a hands-on, intense, and fun session, where you will work in teams and develop new AI-based product or service concepts. You will use Zoom and the AI Design Sprint™ Canvases and AI Cards™ placed on an online whiteboard (Miro). Jonas and Mike will guide you along the way while you and your peers support each other and in the end share the result.

 No prior knowledge necessary!


– Check in
– Hands-on teamwork on the online whiteboard:
– Familiarising with the user
– Defining the most important need or want
– Getting to know the capabilities of AI
– Creating concepts by matching the AI Cards™ with the most important need or want
– Developing and visualising first AI-based concepts
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– Check in
– Hands-on teamwork on the online whiteboard:
– Iterating the developed concept, based on feedback, and ethical perspectives
– Making a first assessment of your solution concept from a technological perspective (including looking at data), considering the value for the human, and business viability
– Team presentations
– Overview of other versions of the AI Design Sprint™, for transforming existing products & services, automating processes, creating chatbot concepts, and opportunity mapping for an organisation
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Register via the ticket link to receive the Zoom link.
Fee: €60.


Craft Product School + 33A

Date & time

8th Sep, Tuesday

9th Sep, Wednesday