AndNowEast 2023

AndNowEast 2023

Festival Graphic Design Visual Design

PIAȚA AMZEI, hosted by Cartierul Creativ Amzei

We are European optimists, and we believe the East is a magical place. We view Eastern posters as condensed displays of an under the radar regional visual ethos that may contribute to a more energetic European spirit. That’s why And Now East 2023 is a celebration of the visual ethos of no less than 21 Easter European Countries.

Here you can see the designers selected this year:

Here you can see who’s been on jury duty this year:

We are here for every info you may need. All you have to do is send us a mail at

AndNowEast is organised by Local Design Circle, an NGO aiming to become the voice of Romanian designers, facilitate access to education, and help shape a healthier visual environment.


AndNowEast + Local Design Circle + Cartierul Creativ

Date & time

8th Sep, Friday

17th Sep, Sunday


Piata Amzei, Bucuresti, Romania