Augmenting Performance

Augmenting Performance

Conference Augmented Reality Virtual Reality Digital Product Design

International Conference | 15-17 November 2019 | CINETic Bucharest

Elephants were replaced from Circus shows by holographic images and we are all very happy about it, hoping that soon this will also happen in zoos. Telepresence, plays written by AI, dancing with robots, digital sets have become a daily part in performing arts.

How will the performing arts of the future look like? Will it be a globalized AI controlled world, where avatars of faraway people interact? Will it be performed by cyborgs in virtual sets controlled by the biofeedback of the spectator? Will it be the live development of genetically modified organisms specially designed to blossom and die in front of cheering crowds? How far can we go to express ourselves, how far can we go to get more attention to our work? By technologically augmenting performance and performers do we get closer to our full potential or further from ourselves?

We invite you to submit papers for the international interdisciplinary conference Augmenting Performance held at the International Center for Research and Education in Innovative Creative Technologies – CINETic, in Bucharest, 15-17 November 2019.

The conference is focused on research, development and practices on augmenting artistic performance through interdisciplinary art-technology-science approaches.

We look forward to papers on Human Computer Interaction, Wearable Tech and use of Biosensors, Data Visualization and Sonification, Robotics, Mobile Augmentations, Scripting Interactive Environments, Sound and Music Interaction, Motion Tracking and Gaming Practice used to augment Performing Arts Practices.

Papers on interdisciplinary fields like film, animation, VR, theatre, video-gaming or specialized fields of technology will be accepted if they are highly consistent and relevant to the general subject. Projects developed through research and presentations of research results will be highly valued.

We look forward to receive papers of original, provoking work and research.

One section of the conference will be dedicated to presentations of innovative art practice and one section to research papers.


Send an abstract of 1000 words and a biography of 100 words at

For case presentations of artistic work, please include 2 images or a video.

Deadline for abstract: 16 September 2019.

Deadline for submitting final papers: 10 October 2019.

All accepted papers will be presented in the conference. Final papers will be put up for peer review with the possibility of them being subsequently published in a volume.

Foreign students and artists will be offered 2 grants covering all expenses for 5 days which will include participation in the conference and visiting the CINETic center and UNATC (travel, housing, food).

Upon request, up to 30 Ph.D. and master students, whose work is accepted, will be hosted in the UNATC student dormitory for the duration of the Conference.



Date & time

15th Nov, Friday

17th Nov, Sunday


CINETic, str. Tudor Arghezi nr. 3B, Bucuresti, Romania