CreativeMornings Timișoara | Ina Biebel on RISE

CreativeMornings Timișoara | Ina Biebel on RISE

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The sun must set before it can rise. So, remember, every setback and problem can be overcome. Every new challenge compels us to tap into our reservoirs of hope and determination. To live a fulfilling life, we must not wallow. We must rise.

The phoenix rising from the ashes is such a juicy metaphor. The mystical bird’s fiery demise symbolizes the destruction of old expectations — and how it’s always been done. Every creative act is a transformation. Each new project is a rebirth. We rise from everything that came before.

“Rise up!” is a rally cry for the oppressed. But we should all be shouting, because our personal and collective empowerment are intricately linked. The rise of different voices creates a richer and more vibrant society. The goal is not reaching the top, it’s lifting each other up.

Together, we rise higher.

And with no further ado, we’re very excited to announce the first speaker of 2024; our January speaker and dear friend: Ina Biebel.

Ina Biebel, the creative mastermind behind Tombabe in the main and other small pilot projects in particular, with a background in on and offline marketing & social media, will be the one to share her view on RISE, on January 26th, at our regular time, 07:30AM, at AMBASADA in

Come join us! We promise good coffee, great snacks and a wonderful time with wonderful people.

The free and priceless tickets are now out!

January’s theme was chosen by our Tampa Bay chapter and illustrated by Miss Crit.


CreativeMornings Timisoara

Date & time

26th Jan, Friday

26th Jan, Friday


Faber, Splaiul Penes Curcanul nr. 4-5, Timisoara, Romania