CreativeMornings Timișoara | Marc-Andre Fritsche on Identity

CreativeMornings Timișoara | Marc-Andre Fritsche on Identity

Talk Cross Disciplinary Design

Well, who would have thought, a month ago, that our lives can change so sudden? But this is a challenge that can bring out a lot of creativity and solution seeking, can push us to think different and better. There is never a better time to come together than that time, when it’s not easy.

Responsibly and considerate, we want to keep our communities close so that we never forget that we can only go through this together, and together we can also fight this. It is important that we stay safe and contribute to the solution by respecting all the regulations. Until a total lock-down, we are open to experience our first Live Stream event and invite everyone to participate! ♥

This Month’s theme is IDENTITY and ironically, the world is testing ours.

Our original plans included the talk to happen in the beautiful space of that builds on the rich history of Azur, so it was such a clear sign for us that our guest speaker has to be Marc-Andre!

Marc-André Fritsche is currently the Managing Director of Azur S.A., a 175 years old local chemical company and important brand of Timișoara. He was born in Germany, but already during graduating his studies in Economics, he started to work in South-East Asia. After graduation he worked in several production companies in Belgium, Germany and Romania, both in București and Timișoara.

He believes in constant learning and enjoys to read beyond being a hobby. He strongly believes in creating an organization’s identity based on values, in the power of relationships between it’s people and in supporting each other.

He also supports communities and this is the main reason he had said YES to our invitation to come share his view (live streaming online) on IDENTITY, even in times when he’s more involved in protecting people and business together with his team.

Our dear friends from HdvStudio Echipa offered to host us in their brand new on.set.hdv – that we told you about – and we’ll be doing a great live event on Facebook. Join us!
Everyone is welcome!


CreativeMornings is a monthly lectures series for the creative community. Each event is free of charge, and includes a 20 minutes lecture (usually much more…), coffee and great company! It makes it even more sense to have a chapter in Timișoara, building a stronger community!

CreativeMornings Timișoara wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of global and local partners. With their support, this series of events can grow, and remain free and accessible to anyone.
The commitment in coming together as a community is all thanks to you, beautiful morning people and the great energies that make it happen: Flex – Romania, HdvStudio Echipa, Print by Aliosha, Dana Moica, AMBASADA, the volunteers and each and every speaker that accepts the challenge!


CreativeMornings Timisoara

Date & time

27th Mar, Friday

27th Mar, Friday