CreativeMornings Timișoara | Ovidiu Condurache on Insecure

CreativeMornings Timișoara | Ovidiu Condurache on Insecure

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We continue the surprisingly mood matching themes vibe: INSECURE – is it a match for how you feel as well?

There is, yet, so much strength to draw from all the insecure moments as well as it so refreshing to have people, organizations and events that make them seem welcomed learning opportunities.

One of this organization is Ashoka România – from which we love to learn and stay close to. We’re happy to be part with AMBASADA in a new adventure that brings us closer and so the invitation for this month’s theme was even more of a match!

Ovidiu Condurache has accepted our challenging invitation to talk about insecurities and being insecure. Working for Ashoka Romania where he accompanies social entrepreneurs in their journey to become Ashoka Fellows, he considers himself a changemaker because he believes in the power of kindness and empathy to shape our lives. Although he studied Economy and Finance, he grew as a person during his years at the Alternative University and that’s where he discovered his passion for Olympism and theatre. He followed them by being a volunteer at the Paralympic Games and playing Laertes in the classic Shakespearian play, Hamlet. Being a shy person, he always hit the insecurity wall, and he can’t wait to generously share what he learnt from these experiences.

Still online, we’re inviting you from all over the world to tune in and build this memory together!

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26th Jun, Friday