Design for Equality- A Feminist Response To New Technologies

Design for Equality- A Feminist Response To New Technologies

Online Workshop Digital Product Design User Experience

Technology holds huge potential for political transformation. However many of society’s inequalities are encoded in its structures, processes and communities.

During 3 webinars we’ll prototype, digital products and services aimed at a more equal workplace.

You will be guided through a process of storytelling, first by critically looking at what’s missing, whose interests aren’t being represented, and whose truths aren’t being told and secondly, by using speculative tools to tell future stories of equality and inclusion. You have the power to create a new world.

What will you build?

An HR chatbot that makes the screening process more fair***

AR camera effects that imagine a more inclusive organizational environment***

A software product that helps women be more in control of their financials
So, if you have:a. the drive to constantly probe, test, push boundaries to identify new opportunities and learn new skills,b. the desire to participate in, ideate around, and ultimately have an impact on the future,c. a collaborative mindsetwe’re more than happy to welcome you!


Craft Product School

Date & time

19th Sep, Saturday

19th Sep, Saturday