Design Sprint Master Certification Program

Design Sprint Master Certification Program

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A 1-week Design Sprint training created to help you drive innovation within your organization and with your clients.

About this Event

You will learn all the ins and outs of running successful Design Sprints by working in a team setup through B2B and B2C simulations based on real business case studies.

Through the process of Problem Framing, Design Sprint 3.0 and Design Sprint Facilitation training you will gain the right set of tools and skills to run successful Design Sprints.

What is a Design Sprint?

A design sprint is a method used for solving problems through ideation, prototyping, and testing ideas with specifically targeted customers.

It was developed at Google, to align teams under a shared vision with clearly defined goals and deliverables. After much success, design sprints are now being adopted by companies, big or small, and from all over the world and within all different industries – from insurance and banking to robotics or entertainment.

How it works

With a small team and a clear schedule for the week, you’ll rapidly progress from problem to tested solution. On Monday, you create a map of the problem. On Tuesday, everyone sketches. Then, on Wednesday, you decide which sketches are the strongest. On Thursday, you build a realistic prototype. And finally, on Friday, you test that prototype with five target customers.

Design Sprint Academy’s experience has enabled them to design an original end-to-end Design Sprint training that will take you from zero to a Design Sprint Facilitator in just five days.

This training program is:

  • A great fit for corporates, enterprise organizations, and startups
  • Adaptable to any service, product or business problem
  • Helps frame and solve complex business problems
  • Optimal use of resources: time, people and effort
  • Considers the entire context, both business need, and customer problem

Program Modules

1. Design Sprint 3.0 Workshop, a 2-days interactive learning experience to:

  • Solve a real customer problem
  • Collaborate with a diverse team
  • Understand and empathize with your user
  • Build a Customer Journey Map
  • Create a storyboard as a group
  • Experience prototyping best practices
  • Compile solutions, build, and test a functional prototype
  • Make sense of customer testing insights

2. Problem Framing Workshop, a 1-day training to learn how to:

  • define the right challenge for the sprint
  • get the stakeholder’s buy-in
  • pick the right team, experts and target customers

3. Design Sprint Facilitation, a 2-days train-the-trainer workshop to:

  • Learn the ground rules, mindset and your role as a Facilitator
  • Get the best out of your team: how to tap into their full potential and creativity
  • Manage conflicts. Learn how to deal with difficult group dynamics and disruptors.
  • Improve assertiveness. Learn to show empathy, while intervening firmly
  • Practice facilitation. Facilitate different Design Sprint phases and receive rounds of actionable feedback from your peers.
  • Learn how to confidently run a sprint yourself and apply it to your organization.

4. Post the five-day training, the certification journey involves the following:

1. Pass the Theoretical Exam

2. Pass the Practical Exam and Evaluation

On successful completion, you will become a Certified Design Sprint Master! Enroll now!

About organisers

Member of AIMS International network, AIMS International Romania(Timisoara office) is one of the pioneers in HR & business consulting in Romania, with more than 25 years of experience on the local market and a history of doing things differently, a history of innovation and experimentation in helping hundreds of businesses (both multinationals and Romanians) and thousands of individuals to flourish.

Consequently, our long term goal is to create together with our clients, ’’the organization of the future’’: human-centered, innovative, emotionally intelligent, flexible, transparent, productive, engaging and collaborative.

Customized Trainings and Workshops, Vision and Strategy Consultancy, Leadership Development programs, Solution Focused Coaching Services, HR Processes Consultancy are just a few of the services offered to the market.

To reach our long term goal, we continuously look for new ways of work and we are thrilled to have found the perfect intersection between quick results and care for people, between company and customer needs, between individual and teamwork. This is the #DesignSprint – a concept currently being adopted around the world by companies from the most diverse industries.

Therefore, starting with June 2019, and due to extensive preparation, AIMS International Romania, Timisoara office, has become Design Sprint Academys exclusive partner for the Romania market.

Design Sprint Academy is worldwide recognized for the substantial improvements to the initial method, first launched by Google Ventures. Their Design Sprint journey started in late 2015 before the Google Ventures book ‘Sprint’ was published. Since then they’ve run dozens of design sprints for a variety of companies, from Fortune 500 companies to startups, including training Google in San Francisco.

This event is organized by AIMS Timisoara in collaboration with Design Sprint Academy.


Design Sprint Academy + AIMS International Romania

Date & time

10th Feb, Monday

14th Feb, Friday


str. Borsec nr. 4, Timisoara, Romania