Design Sprints – the cool kid on the block

Design Sprints – the cool kid on the block

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Design Sprints, when they work, can produce a lot of great stuff: from tested solutions to bonded teams, individual “a-ha” moments, increased collaboration and agility. Our Design Sprint-themed event will prepare you to perform in a new, fast, rewarding and proven way.

However, even before the “only remote” era we’re living, running a design sprint has been a challenge and there are plenty of examples and rumours around why Design Sprints fail.

During our two-and-a-half-hour session you will reach into what makes a design successful, constructively “gossip” around why it failed when it failed and also glance at remote design sprints, in the time of being overwhelmed by everything remote, zoom, screen etc.

This Design Sprint conference is part of the Mastermind sessions initiated by The School of Design. Originally, it was conceived for its alumni, and now we are opening up to external participants.

A mastermind means getting together, talking about a topic, and then receiving support from the group’s individual experience and input on this matter. Thus, we can offer a limited number of 20 spots for external guests. Don’t you want to be one of them?

What you will achieve after this event:

  • In-depth knowledge about Design Sprints
  • Why Design Sprints work and what it takes for them to work
  • Access to The School of Design’s alumni – a mixed group of experienced professionals already switching to design or applying design at their jobs
  • Responses and advice to your questions and dilemmas
  • Getting connected and becoming part of a community of driven, diverse and passionate people.

Do you wish to have your name and contribution added into our agenda?

Before participating in Mastermind, we want to know a bit about you, your background and questions about the topic.

Thus, you can only be selected after completing this form until Sunday, the 18th of April:

See you on Zoom!


The School of Design

Date & time

21st Apr, Wednesday

21st Apr, Wednesday