Design Thinking with Visual Doing

Design Thinking with Visual Doing

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Design Thinking meets Visual, Lean & Agile

Design Thinking with Visual Doing certification training is a hands-on & interactive workshop that combines Design Thinking with different frameworks like Visual Thinking & Doing, Lean and Agile. This will empower you, your team and your organization to better innovate, solve problems, improve processes or enable change in a more efficient, effective and also playful way. The new skills & mindsets acquired and the (visual) tools and frames, learnt in a practical way, can be used right away in workshops, sprints, projects or programs inside the companies and organizations, but also in personal lives.

Innovate, solve problems & stimulate your team’s creativity

Design Thinking is a Creative Problem-Solving Framework used a lot in Innovation projects or programs. It is also used for Improving Processes or for enabling Change. It traditionally consists of five phases, namely: Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype & Test.

During our Design Thinking with Visual Doing workshop, we cover all of these phases and even more, in a unique flow developed by Buro BRAND. They are all creatively integrated with relevant elements from the Visual Thinking & Doing field and also from Business, Design, Lean Start-up & Agile frames & methodologies. In this way, we address both the rational & emotional aspects and take advantage of the best of both worlds: Business Thinking & Creative Thinking.

And we learn & experience all of the above elements by doing & playing! Therefore, we take a study case and a human-centered challenge to work on, and we zoom in on each phase using the Innovator Kit with lots of goodies (delivered / given prior to the workshop) along various activities and tasks. You will test the frame & flow but also a number of steps and various tools carefully adapted for both virtual and in-person environments.

You will step into the VISUAL world with an intro lesson in Business Drawing and you’ll experience the magic of combining Design Thinking with visual tools & templates. In this way, you’ll be able to collaborate more creatively by stimulating and building the so called “creative confidence”, needed in Ideation & other diverging phases. The virtual version of the workshop is using a fully customized, visual & interactive board template, developed by Buro BRAND, in order to fully take advantage of the extra benefits of the online medium and the visual metaphors and tools.

The workshop is delivered by several highly & internationally experienced facilitators, consultants, practitioners, coaches and speakers that will help, inspire and guide you throughout the sessions and beyond. They will help you develop a design thinker and (visual) doer mindset and will also guide you on how to integrate it in your own organization and processes. In addition, they will explain you how you can make sure that what happens before and after the Design Thinking project is aligned with it and the flow is easy to follow from end to end.

After the successful completion of the workshop, you become a Design Thinker & Visual Doer! And you will be awarded an international certificate issued by Buro BRAND. You will also receive the handouts and all the tools used during the sessions in digital format. You’ll be entitled to use them right away, in your work or for personal use.

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