Designing for Growth

Designing for Growth

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UX and UI are basic skills. Being user-centric is no longer a competitive advantage. It’s a must. Doing responsive design is not a differentiator. You’re gone without it.

It’s 2019. We’re seeing product designers getting more and more involved in growth. We’re seeing companies building growth dedicated teams. 📈📈📈

And it’s not a surprise. With so many products popping out every day, staying relevant and providing value to your customers is paramount. Continuously improving experiences requires a cohesion between product, design and engineering. It’s an orchestra that has to work well.

The next generation of designers will focus on growth. They will understand that looking at data is crucial for making decisions. They will focus on solving problems, and then on decoration.

If you want to stay relevant as a designer and increase your value, start thinking about growth, and understand the really valuable metrics like activation, retention and revenue. 🔥🔥🔥

While acquiring users is important (growth marketing), it’s futile if your customers don’t stick around. Learn how to elevate your skillset as a designer and be actively involved in the growth component. That will make you a hero and irreplaceable in your team.

Join us and learn:
– what it means to design for growth
– what you should be reading & learning
– why growth is more essential than ever in today’s product ecosystem
– tips and tricks on how to become a growth-focused designer

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Date & time

4th Jun, Tuesday

4th Jun, Tuesday


TechHub Bucharest, str. Nicolae Filipescu nr. 39-41, Bucuresti, Romania