Dutch Design Deltas: A new way to innovate

Dutch Design Deltas: A new way to innovate

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Join the special edition of “Problem Solvers – Inspire To Innovate”, a limited series of free meetups where we share information about three topics: growth hacking, culture of innovation and strategy. Today’s edition will be on Culture of Innovation.


Dutch Design Deltas is a new innovation process inspired by the Design Thinking methodology that is used when having to deal with complex problems that could have more than one correct answer, or validate assumptions that could be critical for the future of the business.The end goal is to come up with new solutions that have a high degree of certainty that will work not only on paper, but also in real life.

In addition to the traditional Design Thinking, the process has a more entrepreneurial approach, which makes it perfect for corporate and social innovation. It can also be used as a training experience to educate an innovation mindset in organizations. By allowing people to follow this structure, cross-department collaboration becomes more efficient, possible weaknesses of the project are discovered before they happen and the planning for implementation becomes more accurate.


The speaker is Tudor Mihai (RO), founder and business innovation coach at Innovating Society. Tudor has lived in the Netherlands for five years, where he worked as an innovation consultant in retail, circular economy and social entrepreneurship. He has started his first business in e-commerce in 2016, moving on to becoming a Design Thinking and Lean Startup facilitator since 2017. His interests go around entrepreneurship, marketing, technology, trends and innovation. His motivation to move to Cluj was to make an impact in the entrepreneurial ecosystem by sharing practices and knowledge that can transform the city into an innovation hub of Europe.


During this session you will learn:
• How to innovate using Dutch Design Deltas
• How to reach the stage of Product-Market Fit
• How and where to get business insights from
• How to make sure you are solving the right problem
• How to come up with a proven business idea


Anyone who is interested in:
• Entrepreneurship
• Product innovation
• Innovation management
• Design Thinking
• New business design


18:00 – 18:30 – Registration
18:30 -18:45 – Introduction
18:45 – 19:30 – Keynote
19:30 – 20:00 – Q&A
20:00 – 20:30 – Networking


Innovating Society

Date & time

29th Jan, Wednesday

29th Jan, Wednesday


ClujHub, str. Ferdinand nr. 22-26 (3rd Floor in CENTRAL Commercial Center), Cluj-Napoca, Romania