EMEA V-MUG02: Remote Design Sprints with Miro & Just Mad

EMEA V-MUG02: Remote Design Sprints with Miro & Just Mad

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Design Sprints are so 🔥🔥🔥right now! And for a good reason. If you don’t know what the Design Sprint is, here’s a quick intro: It’s a step-by-step process that allows teams to decide on a problem, generate solutions, prototype, and test ideas in just 4 days. WHAT?!? Crazy, right?

The Google-born methodology is a game-changer for people working in the world of digital products. Designers, project managers, product practitioners and everyone in between love the Design Sprint, because it aligns teams, help bypass the irrelevant meetings and gets you to your results super fast.

Traditionally, the Design Sprint is meant to be an in-person process. But with the increasing popularity of remote work and companies embracing distributed teams, there is a need to evolve our tools and processes to work in this new environment.

Join us on January 29, 2020, we we’re opening the curtains on our approach, by looking at a real Remote Design Sprint case study, from start to finish.

See you on the board! 


Raz & Ana combined their years of experience in the product strategy and design field and created Just Mad, a product design consultancy focused on accelerating innovation by running Design Sprints. They work with companies and startups from all over the world, delivering high-standard product strategy, design and growth services. They are both certified NNG UX Experts and fully qualified Design Sprint Facilitators.


Miro + Just Mad

Date & time

29th Jan, Wednesday

29th Jan, Wednesday