F9 meetup “E-commerce on steroids”

F9 meetup “E-commerce on steroids”

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LeviNine Iasi launches a new series of cool tech events: F9 meetup – dealing with software in different business perspectives.

Millions of monthly users, traffic spikes, continuous UX performance improvements, unexpected production issues and crucial downtime: enough impact keywords to let you know that you have to face a giant. How?

That’s what the “e-commerce on steroids” titled meetup will be all about: considering and anticipating the main business and development points that you have to approach when dealing with a product capable of pleasing hundreds of thousand of customers in a “one day delivery” manner, in a series of four talks:

  • Andrei Mustata (LeviNine) – “Streamlining build & deploy pipelines for microservices”
  • Danny van Holten (Wehkamp) – “Object Orientated CSS”
  • Iulian Constantinescu (LeviNine) – “DevOps like a boss”
  • Lucian Ailenei (LeviNine) – “Speedy Webzales – Going wild for UX performance”


Date & time

3rd Jun, Monday

3rd Jun, Monday


Oxford Pub, str. Sfantul Lazar nr. 64-66, 700049 Iasi, Romania