GoTech World // Customer perception of stock: clichee or creative solution?

GoTech World // Customer perception of stock: clichee or creative solution?

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The world of content creation has changed. Marketers struggle to keep up with the changing consumer patterns, as well as the demands of their budget and resources.

  • Mobile and Video Explosion
  • Fleeting attention
  • Fragmented Channels
  • Limited Time
  • Creative Ideation
  • Localization
  • In-House Production
  • Resources Constraints

If 5 of the above are recognized professional challenges occurring in your everyday activities, our conversation will offer context and solutions, alongside an interesting perspective on how technology has changed the stock photo industry and yet, at its core, how the industry and customers needs have remained exactly the same for the last century!

Olga Abramescu

Experienced player in the copyright industry, licensing imagery, video and audio – with a working history of over 20 years in the regional Eastern European commercial photography industry. Started in the early times in of the analogue archives at Getty Images Romania and since 2018 became a fascinated witness of how technology shapes and empowers visual content, managing the Shutterstock platforms for the Romanian and Bulgarian markets.


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Date & time

2nd Oct, Wednesday

25th Sep, Wednesday


Digital & E-commerce Stage / GoTech World, Romexpo, blvd. Marasti nr. 65-67, sector 1, Bucuresti, Romania