Graphic Facilitation Training

Graphic Facilitation Training

Workshop Visual Thinking

Do you admire trainers, facilitators, and managers who have attractive, colorful flipcharts or pinboards?

Have you ever thought that only a 1 day-long training could be enough to:

  • acquire the knowledge of drawing
  • essential visual elements, graphic ticks,
  • writing impressive fonts,
  • getting useful tips for highlighting?

If your answers are mostly YES, then this online training is especially for you!

By the end of this training, you will create your own visual tool, board image, poster, or symbol library … that will allow you to impress your colleagues even on your next working day.

As visual facilitators when we display something, we use written texts, images, diagrams, and some sort of structure (e.g., SWOT, etc.) to produce a proper mix of these.

This training aims to unlock the blocks that separate the participants from using their drawing skills and enable them to find metaphors and then draw them. Participants will learn the basics of visualization and the practice of highlighting.

Veronika Wieland, IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator, trainer, coach, organizational developer, Wieland and Wieland Ltd manager, Official Reseller Partner of the German premium quality Neuland products in Romania and Hungary.

Don’t lose this opportunity!



Date & time

5th Oct, Thursday

5th Oct, Thursday