How to land a cool job as a UX Designer // Vol03

How to land a cool job as a UX Designer // Vol03

Meetup User Experience Digital Product Design

Getting started with a career in Product Design and UX can be at least challenging. From the way you present yourself, build a portfolio, preparing for an interview, showing your skills and experience to negotiation, and further building your way as a successful designer.

At this event, 3 very brave UX Designers (Junior, Middle or Senior) will present their portfolios and get feedback LIVE from our mentors.

Apply for portfolio pitch here:

Register to Zoom here:…/reg…/WN__DGcQ9F5T-KFcfbNyToZ9Q

Meet the Mentors:
Radu Vucea – Director of Design Telenav
Razvan Burciu – Founder Just Mad
Alina Cătălina Bănuleasa- Founder The school of design
Carmen Ruse – Design Manager at Adobe
Andrei Baican – Head of UX at BT
(Moderator) Mester Catalin – I Love Failure & Storis


Date & time

5th Mar, Friday

5th Mar, Friday