How to land a cool job as a UX Designer

How to land a cool job as a UX Designer

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Getting started with a career in Product Design and UX can be at least challenging. From the way you present yourself, build a portfolio, preparing for an interview, showing your skills and experience to negotiation, and further building your way as a successful designer, we’ll try to tackle all these and much more in this panel.

We’ll also look at what companies expect and what if you don’t want to be an employee, but a freelancer.

This event is a moderated panel discussion with industry experts, join us with for a long-discussed topic and address our panelists your questions.

Radu Vucea – Design Manager at Fitbit
Ioana Adriana Teleanu – Design Manager at UI Path
Razvan Burciu – Founder Just Mad
Alina Cătălina Bănuleasa- Founder The school of design
Mester Catalin- Founder I Love Failure


Date & time

24th Sep, Thursday

24th Sep, Thursday