How to sell design sprints internally

How to sell design sprints internally

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How to sell design sprints to your boss or your team when:
– the design sprint concept is still very new;
– the name of the framework leaves room for interpretation;
– senior decision-makers underappreciate “design” itself;
– there’s a common misconception that design sprints are only for digital products;
– there’s not much research on the ROI of design sprints yet.
And the list of barriers could go on and on.

We know for a fact that for every problem there’s a solution. The first step is to acknowledge these barriers, understand the other’s perspectives, and then move to creative solutions.

Over the last years, we at Design Sprint Academy helped many design sprint ambassadors, Innovation Managers, and UX Leads embed this process into their organisations.

One such example is Which? a non-profit organisation assisting UK consumers in making the right decisions. At one of our meetups, their digital transformation and product team shared their story to embed design sprints into their workflows.


Join our Webinar: “How to sell design sprints internally” if you want more tips and tricks on how to craft your selling strategy and change the way of working in your organisation.


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23rd Feb, Tuesday

23rd Feb, Tuesday