How to Spot and Fix Your Cognitive Biases

How to Spot and Fix Your Cognitive Biases

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Meet Sasha!

She is Head of Design at Alethio, the Ethereum Data Analytics Platform. She comes from a background in Architecture and has applied her user-centric design passion to a career in advertising, working for companies such as DDB, McCann and Jung von Matt.

Her innovative advertising designs have won her multiple awards. Now she applies her understanding of consumer behaviour and architectural design to help create brilliant user experiences for Alethio, which is a ConsenSys spoke. Always with one eye on the end-user, she is dedicated to interrogating biases and using qualitative user research to inform her design decisions.

We invite you to find out more about Cognitive Biases that we are all facing as designers, researchers or innovators.

Things to know about the Human Brain – What are Cognitive Biases

How are Researchers, Designers and the Development Team affected by Cognitive Biases

The Usual Suspects

How to fix your Cognitive Biases


“I am never afraid of failing because as I say – failing is an evolutionary tool “. – Sasha Tanase

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29th May, Friday

29th May, Friday