Introduction to Design Sprints – Remote Workshop

Introduction to Design Sprints – Remote Workshop

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Due to developments with the Corona Virus, we are taking our Meetup Workshop formats Remote. We are experimenting with the best setup for these events so if you would be interested in attending a Workshop please join us.

Why join this Meetup?

So you have heard about Design Sprints, and you think this is a tool that will help your organisation innovate faster and create solutions your customers will love. Here is your chance to experience the best parts of the Design Sprint framework.

What will you learn at the Meetup?

What is a Design Sprint
What are the core phases in a Design Sprint
How to use empathy to sparkle great ideas
How Ideation techniques work in practice

The purpose of this meetup is to introduce you to the core principles of Design Sprints through hands-on activities. That being said, you will have to tackle a real business problem, empathise with a real user and try to come up with great solutions.

We will showcase tools and techniques to demonstrate this as an incredibly effective way of working and present you with an incredible case study that bridges the gap between strategy and execution when it comes to solving big problems or test new ideas.

Who else is coming?

Anyone interested in innovation, in changing their way of working or wanting to test new ideas and solve big business problems.

ZOOM link will be further provided.


Design Sprints Romania

Date & time

5th May, Tuesday

5th May, Tuesday