Journey to Design (September Cohort)

Journey to Design (September Cohort)

Course User Experience Digital Product Design

Kickstart your UX Design career with Mento

Our remote program supports your transition into UX Design through a self-paced, customized journey – perfectly designed to get you job ready. A team of top mentors will guide and encourage you as you learn through our carefully crafted curriculum and well-thought practical projects.

Designed to help you succeed

Optimal Curriculum
Our curriculum is built by a top team of designers with one common mission in mind: to teach you everything you need to know in real life practice (and more!). You’ll go through all the relevant theory, giving you a well-thought (and much needed) structure.

Personalised Mentorship
We make all the efforts to understand who you are, your learning style, your personality, your goals, and then we enable you to make the most out of your learning journey by leveraging your unique traits and advantages.

Support in Landing a Job
We’ll arm you with everything you need for a successful job hunt: knowledge, practical projects, a portfolio and a network of designers and recruiters that we will connect you to. We’ll help you prepare for your first design interviews and be there for you when they happen.

Take your first steps in your UX journey

The full 6 months programme where you’ll dive deep into UX Design, doing 4 practical projects, being able to create an awesome portfolio to help enable your job search. Includes the Intro to Design curriculum as well.

Next cohort starts September 1st


Mento Design Academy

Date & time

1st Sep, Wednesday

28th Feb, Sunday