June is “Insecure” – CreativeMornings Iasi

June is “Insecure” – CreativeMornings Iasi

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Picked by the chapters over a year ago, somehow the June theme, INSECURE, speaks so much about the present days and the COVID-19 context.

Insecurity shrinks our optimism, beliefs around potential, and blinds us to how things really are or how they could be. We project our greatest fears when we succumb to the negative ways we are conditioned to react.

How can we start to overcome insecurity and strengthen ourselves?

Join us for an inspiring and creative morning with Vlad Voiculescu on June 26, 9:30 a.m., as he has accepted our invitation to talk about CM June’s Theme – Insecure, and to share his thoughts on being insecure and insecurities.

Vlad is a public figure with a strong presence in the social and political life. He is known as founder of Cytostatic Network – an unofficial but legal mechanism of supplying meds for patients of cancer in Romania through parallel proceedings with official methods that are bureaucratic, Co-Founder of MagiCamp – first camp where children with cancer go to regain their self-confidence, and former Minister of Health.

This event will be held on Zoom.

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CreativeMornings Iasi

Date & time

26th Jun, Friday

26th Jun, Friday