One Night Gallery Love Alina Bohoru in Timișoara

One Night Gallery Love Alina Bohoru in Timișoara

Exhibition New Media Augmented Reality Virtual Reality

Art is continuously adapting through the use of new technologies and new means of interaction. Now, more than ever, we can experiment and redefine ways to interconnect with art and Augmented Reality has the capacity of expanding the space for an art exhibition way beyond the physical one.

This edition of One Night Gallery is about reinventing our immersive art shows, challenging ourselves and the artist to overcome the new context through new creations and continuing to create art-shows in unconventional spaces. And it is very special for us as it is the first itinerant One Night Gallery exhibition, held outside Bucharest, in Timișoara, the artist’s hometown, on August 15th.

The location chosen to set-up Alina’s artworks is both iconic and astounding – the Corneliu Miklosi Museum, that will soon become MultipleXity, Romania’s first new media art, technology and cultural centre. MultipleXity aims to facilitate and encourage through experiment projects and initiatives at the threshold between art and technology and offers an accessible infrastructure, suitable for various art concepts and projects. With this in mind, it is the perfect playground for us.

Alina is a passionate illustrator, character designer, part-time animator and occasional muralist. She is originally from Timișoara, but now lives and works in Bucharest, where the audience has already been familiarized with her works in an extensive and immersive art tour that took place in June.
Her work consisted at first of traditional illustrations but has gradually shifted more and more towards the digital and the local public will be able to experiment her transition and evolution.

The synergy between Alina Bohoru’s constant curiosity towards new mediums and One Night Gallery’s mission to innovate in the new media art scene has created a surreal overlay of fantastic eye-candy characters.
The main figures are the dynamic duo, Beeple and Birdman, created from scratch by Alina in Virtual Reality and derived by One Night Gallery in Augmented Reality.
For this edition we are expanding even more the invitation towards the public to become part of Alina’s artworld, so we have developed a dedicated Instagram AR filter that uses the selfie camera of the phone and each visitor can impersonate one of Alina Bohoru’s characters.

The “models” for the filter are the characters showcased on the exhibition poster. Stay tuned as it will soon be available on One Night Gallery’s Instagram page soon alongside a second filter developed to mix reality with art & technology J
The exhibition will include Alina’s artworks and also collaborative projects such as interactive installations and video-mapping that will literally bring the indoor and outdoor space to life.

This new media art exhibition is a project carried out in partnership with Timișoara 2021 – European Capital of Culture Association, MultipleXity, Primăria Municipiului Timișoara and it is powered by our innovation and creative partners: George. The First Intelligent Banking, glo, Absolut, The Romanian Cultural Institute, StaySharp and Music Gear.
Media partners: Radio Guerrilla, The Romanian Cultural Institute, DOR, IQads, The Institute, Creative Quarter, Modernist, Revista Biz, Agerpres, Zeppelin, Designist,, BlitzTv and Munteanu.

Health and Safety:

Our priority is the health and safety of the participants. That is why, due to the current context, alongside the authorities we set some rules meant to protect you.
– All participants will agree to have their temperature checked contactless upon entrance.
– Visitors must keep at least 1.5m social distancing.
– Wearing a mask (surgical or non-surgical) that must cover both mouth and nose is mandatory throughout the visit in the location.
– The participants will disinfect their hands with the alcohol-based disinfectants located at the entrance.
– Visitors must respect the circuit set by the organizers in the exhibition space.

We urge everyone to respect these requests and take care of themselves and the others so we can continue to keep the cultural and artistic events open and on-going.


Timișoara 2021 + One Night Gallery

Date & time

15th Aug, Saturday

15th Aug, Saturday


Muzeul Corneliu Mikloși, Bvd. Take Ionesco nr. 56, Timisoara, Romania