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RADAR 2021 proposes FLUX as the exhibition concept and invites Romanian artists and developers to present their art installations in accordance with this notion.

The second edition of RADAR will take place between June 10th – 13th at ROMAERO, the largest company in the Romanian aerospace and defense industry.

The mission of this open call is to support creativity and originality in the new media art sector and to promote creators of experiences that combine art, design and emerging technologies.

In the pandemic context we are faced more and more with this concept – how to better control flows, how to find proper strategies to make them work without being vectors of viral transmission. We encourage artists to explore the full spectrum of the concept, from concrete forms of flows, such as the movement of groups of people, to abstract forms, such as the movement of particles or information.

The Call will be open between March 31st – April 20th

The selected projects will be announced on 21st of April.

We are looking for:

– Installations in accordance with the exhibition’s theme – FLUX; it can also be an installation previously developed by the artists.

– Outdoor installations, functional both day and night. Artworks should be suitable for all weather conditions.

– The interactive part of the installation should not include large audiences that would involve close contact and should respect all Covid-19 safety measures, including the recommended social distancing.

– The lights that are used must not be bright so that they do not interfere with those at the airport.

(projection or light beams are to be avoided)

– The artists are required to fully participate at the mounting/uninstallment of the artwork and tests between June 8th and 14th.

We offer:

– 1000 lei after taxes for the artist fee (copyright or company contract).

– Promotion of the installations and artists on our social media channels and on our media partners’ channels.

– The installations and artists will be mentioned in press releases: pre and post event.

– Exhibition signage using a system of light boxes in the outdoor area where the exposition will take place

– A number of 5 free tickets to the exhibition.

– Required equipment for the four days of exhibition (depending on the technical rider) and technical assistance. If the artist has the necessary equipment available they must mention it.


RADAR New Media Art

Date & time

20th Apr, Tuesday

20th Apr, Tuesday