Product Meetup

Product Meetup

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Get inspired by people who have stepped up, found their voice, and propelled their careers in leadership roles in the software engineering industry.

Join us in person or online for a leadership panel discussion, live from Productboard’s Prague HQ.

We’ll be talking Product Strategy and have put together an excellent program for you:

Talk 1) Product Strategy for Teams

Speaker: Stephen Walker, Senior Director of Product Management at Productboard


Strategy is what everyone wants to work on, but most people and teams conflate strategy with tactics. So what exactly does strategy mean for someone in a product team? In this talk, Stephen breaks down product strategy for teams, what many get wrong about feature factories and outputs, and highlights how engineers, designers, and product managers can work strategically in any environment.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • How to easily write a vision for your feature or domain
  • How to connect your team’s work to the company goals or strategy
  • How to clarify goals, outcomes, and outputs

Talk 2) Drive Product Strategy with the North Star Metric Framework

Speakers: Ana & Raz, Co-founders at Just Mad


How does your product grow?

This is probably the most challenging question for most product teams. Getting alignment on different initiatives when everybody’s viewing things through different lenses, can be difficult.

The North Star Metric Framework provides a shared model for articulating your product’s strategy. It helps you define a specific metric that best captures the core value your product delivers to customers, as well as encompasses the impact on the business.

In addition to the metric, the framework includes a set of key inputs that collectively act as factors that produce the metric. Product teams can directly influence these inputs with their day-to-day work.

The NSM helps product teams answer critical questions like:

  • How can we deliver better value to our customers while driving revenue?
  • How does our day-to-day work connect with tangible impact?
  • How can we be sure we’re working on the right things?
  • How can our teams break down the silos and achieve alignment?

Productboard + Just Mad

Date & time

11th Aug, Thursday

11th Aug, Thursday