Remote Design Sprints: Planning and Onboarding (webinar)

Remote Design Sprints: Planning and Onboarding (webinar)

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Join Design Sprint Academy founders and design sprint experts, Dana and John as they will share from their experience running remote design sprints over the past six months.


What will we cover?

During this meetup, we will cover the first stages of delivering a remote design sprint.

✅How to structure a remote sprint?
We will discuss how to structure and plan the sprint to accommodate busy schedules and different time zones.

✅How to prepare and onboard your team?
Onboarding is one of the most underestimated activities in a sprint, but a thorough onboarding will lead to successful sprints.
Learn how to get your team ready for the sprint and overcome technical and remote work collaboration challenges.

Who is it for?

Anyone who is part of a team that works remotely, who wants to collaborate, facilitate, and participate more effectively through design sprints.

Anyone who has done design sprints in-person and wants to learn how to do it virtually.

Who are the hosts?

John and Dana Vetan are the founders of Design Sprint Academy. For the past five years, they ran sprints within companies like Adidas, Red Bull, Zalando, and trained teams within Google, International Monetary Fund, Roche, and Amazon.



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Date & time

14th Oct, Wednesday

14th Oct, Wednesday