Re:Thinking the future of business with data

Re:Thinking the future of business with data

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Together we’re building bridges between data & analytics and underline their paramount role in the local business and social landscape. Be part of a data event focused on quality content, scheduled online for October 15th 2020.

We are bringing together international and local speakers who are eager to share their experience and tap into the real potential of using data for business.

New ideas are brought to the table, perspectives for a more thoughtful tomorrow are shared and precise information regarding the most efficient ways of using data & analytics are generously shared with you.

2020 content pillars:

1/ Observe – Generating Growth Through Data

2/ Understand – Data Visualization

3/ Discover – Platforms & Tools Reunited

4/ Grow – Educate & Nurture Data Talent

Announced contributors:

Jim Sterne, Founder @Marketing Analytics Summit – Jim focuses his forty years in sales and marketing on creating and strengthening customer relationships through digital communications. He sold business computers to companies that had never owned one in the 1980s, consulted and keynoted about online marketing in the 1990’s, and founded a conference and a professional association around digital analytics in the 2000’s.

Bogdan Zaharia, Co-founder @Data Revolt Agency – Started Online Knowledge Institute in Romania together with Cosmin Nastasă, offering training and courses in Analytics, GTM, SEO, Adwords and Content Marketing.

Robert Petrescu, Analytical Consultant @Google – Robert helps businesses make effective decisions regarding their online footprint through data-driven and transformational insights. His words are transformational as well, the more so his 8+ years of experience in the digital world recommend him as one of the top thinkers on the local business landscape.

Claudiu Murariu, CEO & Co-founder @InnerTrends, on a mission to keep raising the bar on driving insights from data and drive business growth.

More speakers to be announced soon.

Take your seat at the pixel table.

Re:Think:Analytics is aplatform dedicated to marketing professionals, communication experts or strategists, corporate leaders in financial or operational departments, business intelligence or social businesses that could benefit from a relevant understanding of the way in which data & analytics work throughout all processes.

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Date & time

15th Oct, Thursday

15th Oct, Thursday