Robots in the city – Design Masterclass

Robots in the city – Design Masterclass

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Robots in the city | Designing for future human and robots relationship.

Scientifica in partnership with the Strate School of Design, Paris and Design Thinking Society invites you to a two days Masterclass on responsible design, robots design and their impact in society. The event is part of the 2019 Romania – France Season.

Robots in the city opens up a discussion about new technologies and responsible design and human centered design. Starting from 7 ethical dilemmas, participants will design possible patterns of interaction between man and robot. Through its ability to use new territories and to mediate the relationship between man and robot, the Robots in the city masterclass proposes an imaginative, creative, experimental process designed to anticipate scenarios of an automated world. The process is articulated around three dimensions: robots, actors’ ecosystems and action territories.

Event facilitated by Strate School of Design and Design Thinking Society.

Entries to the two days Masterclass will be made by filling in the REGISTER form. Deadline for registration is 31 May.

Find out more details about the event and apply here:

Participation is free of charge.
Meals are not included.
The selection will be based on the submitted information.
The course will be held in English, therefore fluency in english is recommended.


Design Thinking Society + Scientifica

Date & time

10th Jun, Monday

11th Jun, Tuesday


Maastricht School of Management Romania, Bulevardul Dacia, nr. 99, 20053 Bucuresti, Romania