Workshop Copywriting

Socialization group for practicing conversational techniques, assertive communication, leadership, and relationship.

A meeting lasts three hours.

The maximum number of people that can participate is 10.

To confirm your participation it is required to pay the 80 lei fee (or 18 euro) before the meetup, using the link:

The use of storytelling goes back to pre-literate societies and ancient cultures, who used it as a means to convey their history and traditions. Many cultures would identify specific individuals to adopt the role of tale-teller. The information was passed along via performance before a live audience, and the performer would adapt, change, and embellish the information to meet the needs of the specific audience.

Everyone has stories to tell and storytelling allows us to digest information easily as it connects information to emotions. Storytelling inspires and influences people.

This workshop at the park will be facilitated with an element of storytelling technique allow you to walk away feeling empowered – all with the goal of learning, healing, mentoring, influencing and connected.

Learning Objectives

  1. To identify and demonstrate the correct techniques of basic speaking skills.
  2. Speak effectively using the basic speaking skills.
  3. To organize and structure the content of your speech/story
  4. To demonstrate storytelling using a basic technique

Who should attend ?

Anyone who would like to improve their speaking skills and overcome their social anxiety

Training Methodology

Lectures, Role Plays, Videos, Exercise, Discussion, Recordings & Feedback

Training Facilitator

Pat Selvaraj-Akpo is a certified trainer, accredited competency professional and co-founder of JET Solution. She has worked in various industries over a period of 15 years with experience in many sectors mainly the aviation, telecommunications and education. Pat’s aim is to make training FUN & FRIENDLY – so that people gain new skills, improve performance effectively & playfully. She believes that experiential learning has the ability to mould the core values of an individual and therefore create positive results on the individual. Her soft-skills training programs are customised and workshop-based (bespoke) in nature whereby training is practical with fun activities to ensure total effectiveness. She has trained more than 10,000 people of all ages, various ethnicity, from ages 19 to 60 years. As a global nomad, Pat has lived in Australia, Malaysia, Vietnam and has conducted training workshops for at least 10 different countries. She lives in Cluj-Napoca, Romania with her French-Carribean husband and daughter at present.

Time : 2pm to 5pm
Venue : Dacia street, no. 3, second floor.
Facilitator : Pat Selvaraj-Akpo
Language : English (don’t worry about your level – this will not be a problem)

We will offer a refund if:

  1. The meetup is canceled
  2. I am announced at least 24 hours before the meeting that a registered person cannot attend

Pat Selvaraj-Akpo

Date & time

1st Jun, Saturday

1st Jun, Saturday


Mental Training, str. Dacia nr. 3, 2nd floor, Cluj-Napoca, Romania