Tech Roles in IT: Who Does What? (part 1)

Tech Roles in IT: Who Does What? (part 1)

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It’s time we talk about tech roles in IT​ and​ ​w​ho is doing what within teams.

Why​ is this important? On one hand, this might give a better ​overview to juniors​, but ​it might be also useful for seniors that look into switch​ing​ to a new position​. On the another hand, we can learn from each other on how to ​make ​climb​ing​ up the​ ladder more efficient​​ and avoid unpleasant surprises.​

​We ​identified​​ a​ big​ number of roles, ​and in order to give ​to each one​ the stage ​it​ deserve​s​, we​ will​ ​explore this idea in 2 sessions. On Thursday, January 31​ we will hold the first one, where​ we ​give​ the floor ​to​ the technical ​roles​: developer / engineer, tester / QA / AQA, designer​, and DevOps.​

In ​a ​follow-up meetup we will have professionals who work on the management side of things.​ Lots of exciting and important positions there too!​

Agenda​ for the meetup​
18:30 – 18:45 – welcome and networking
18:45 – 18:55 – intro from Women in Tech
18:55 – 19:10 – each invited person does a pitch about her role, responsibilities and required skills
19:10 – 20:00 – group talks on each role
2​0:00 – 20:10 – wrapping up and sharing time
20:10 – networking time​

See you there!


Women In Tech Cluj

Date & time

31st Jan, Thursday

31st Jan, Thursday


Wolfpack Digital, str. Racovita nr. 33, 400165 Cluj-Napoca, Romania