TypeThursday BUC ☛ February

TypeThursday BUC ☛ February

Meetup Typography

TypeThursday BUC #09

TypeThursdayBUC is a monthly event dedicated to everyone with a passion for typography. We like to think of ourselves as a type super-family: we attract local letterform lovers hailing from all disciplines and levels of expertise. Social hours bookend the centerpiece of our event, a group critique we refer to as Type Crit.

What the font is Type Crit‽

Briefly: It’s a friendly critique of letterforms. No grades. Plenty of wine/beer.
Type Crit is a group critique of up to three in-progress projects involving letterform design and/or usage. You can get, give, or simply listen to feedback—your pick! Discussion is moderated by a TypeThursdayBUC dialogue lead—we pride ourselves on fostering a friendly forum for constructive, thoughtful advice that’ll raise the baseline on your letterform game.

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What’s the program for the evening?

18:30 – Check in & Socializing
19:20 – Opening Statements | Introduction
19:30 – Type Crit. Group critique of letterform design/usage
20:30 – Closing Comments | Outro
20:40 – More mixing ’n’ mingling. During Type Crit, you’ll realize there are tons of smart people in the room you still need to meet!
21:30: End of Event

Still curious?

You can go over our website or social media accounts of the other TypeThursday chapters.


Who should attend?
Anyone who loves letterforms. We always welcome a new (type)face.

Do I have to present?
Not at all! Some people come to network, some to learn and observe, and some to help give feedback. Your level of participation is up to you.

Why should I consider presenting at Type Crit?
You’ll get free, friendly, fast feedback from fellow font fanatics. Type Crit presenters get free admission to the event. We shower presenters with love on our social media.

What kinds of work can I show at Type Crit?
We accept any work involving the use or design of letterforms. Examples: logotype designs, hand lettering, calligraphy, typeface design, print layouts that involve typesetting, UI designs that need hierarchical sharpening… or make up a new genre of type-related work and blow our minds!

How do I submit work to Type Crit?
Upload files using TypeThursdayBUC’s handy online form. We’ll display your work using a projector hooked up to a laptop.

I have more questions!
Email us at bucharest@typethursday.org

Partners & Sponsors
TypeThursdayBUC is made possible by our generous sponsors and partners.

Partners: Mezanin, Beans&Dots, Sticker Republic, Printoteca
Swag Sponsors: Antalis Romania, STABILO, Pentel Romania

TypeThursdayBUC team
Chapter Lead: Bianca Dumitrașcu
Welcome Lead: Alexandru Năstase
Editorial Lead: Sorin Trăistaru
Graphic Design: Andrei Nicolescu
Dialogue Lead: Dragos Boțcău
Photography Lead: Mihai Ciobanu
Volunteers: Lavinia Valentina, Maria Tabarcea, Ștefan Ferencz

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** Please note that filming/photography is taking place at this event for promotional and archival purposes. The photographs and recordings made are likely to appear on our website, newsletter, Instagram profile and Facebook page.
If you would prefer not to be photographed please let the photographer know.


TypeThursday BUC

Date & time

20th Feb, Thursday

20th Feb, Thursday


Mezanin, str. Actor Ion Brezoianu nr. 23-25, Bucuresti, Romania