UX Mind Unconference @Codecamp Bucharest

UX Mind Unconference @Codecamp Bucharest

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User Experience is not just for designers.

If you search the term “UX Design” on Google images, most likely you will find a picture of a group of people drawing on whiteboards or writing on sticky notes. And that is, in fact, both representative and essential for figuring out who the user you design for is. Just sitting at a desk doesn’t get the job done.

The entire process of understanding the user is essential both for the designers and the developer and most importantly for the business. You cannot deliver good products if you don’t know who you are designing for.

The UX Mind Unconference at Codecamp Bucharest aims to get you involved in some of these activities. From the Empathy Wall to a short workshop on a social topic, you will be involved in understanding how the UX mind works.

Just sitting at a desk doesn’t get the job done, come find out why.

All you have to do is register here: https://codecamp.ro/bucharest#register

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Cognizant Softvision

Date & time

9th Nov, Saturday

9th Nov, Saturday


JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel, Calea 13 Septembrie nr. 90, Bucuresti, Romania