Virtual CreativeMornings Cluj on Ripple

Virtual CreativeMornings Cluj on Ripple

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Save the date for this month’s virtual event when we will explore the global theme of Ripple.

Registration will open on the 12th of April.

After registering, the night before the event and 30 minutes before the event you will find in your inbox the link you need to join us via zoom.

Everything you do has the power to create its own ripple effect. Like an object breaking the water’s surface, our actions can cause a series of ever-expanding waves of impact stretching far beyond our individual reach.

Whether we theorize it with dominos, snowballs, or butterflies – it’s about momentum, and as momentum builds, even the smallest actions can end up having a profound impact. One voice can inspire a movement, a single act of kindness can save a life. No matter how minuscule it may seem in the moment, what you do matters.

This month, we invite you to pay attention to your personal ripple effect. To examine how your impact expands beyond your inner circle and find ways to pay positivity forward. If you’re feeling brave, this month can be a time to explore the depths of your world. Dare to plunge below the surface and invite deeper connection in.

Our Tel Aviv chapter chose this month’s exploration of Ripple and Masha Manapov illustrated it.

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CreativeMornings Cluj

Date & time

23rd Apr, Friday

23rd Apr, Friday