Virtual CreativeMornings on Dare

Virtual CreativeMornings on Dare

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Dear creatives,

Our community matters the most, always.

We care about your safety, about your well-being, and as much as we would want for our usual, face-to-face Friday talks to take place again, we have to move forward and be strong.

One thing we are certain of, always, is that no matter the circumstances, or the nature of our meetings, be it online or in person, the CreativeMornings Cluj magic never ceases to exist, and that’s because of you.

Because you are still here, ready with some freshly made coffee in your favorite mug, eager to listen to our guest speakers’ inspirational talks and to vibe to our musicians’ morning tunes.

And we are so thankful for that.

Therefore, we announce that on the 29th of October, we will hold our next CreativeMornings event back in the virtual space, where the global theme of “Dare”, chosen by CreativeMornings/Porto Alegre and illustrated by Mitti Mendonça, will be explored with our guest speaker.


CreativeMornings Cluj

Date & time

29th Oct, Friday

29th Oct, Friday