Visual Thinking Facilitation Course

Visual Thinking Facilitation Course

Workshop Design Thinking User Experience

This high energy 1-day course in Bucharest will introduce you on the basics to integrate Visual Thinking methods and techniques to your daily working activities. Through a various set of exercises, you will learn the potential of using Visual Thinking to better collaborate with your colleagues and you will experience that everyone can start using this new language to communicate ideas, strategies and objectives.


Everyone can draw! To facilitate Visual Thinking you do not need to be an artist, but just to practice how to transform complicated concepts into a clear and effective visual language. The first part of the Sprint will focus on providing you the basics to create your own visual languages with a set of simple and entertaining exercises.


The second part of the Sprint will bring together Visual Thinking facilitation with Design Thinking. With a new set of interactive exercises, we will explore how Visual Thinking can help to work with the most important Design Thinking tools like Personas and Customer Journeys. This part of the Sprint will give you also an introductory experience to basic methodology of Design Thinking.


Andrei Dinulescu, an experienced marketeer and business consultant with a strong background in innovation and continuous improvement. He has a complex experience in several industries throughout Europe and Middle East, from local to regional roles


DesignThinkers Academy Eastern Europe

Date & time

5th Nov, Tuesday

5th Nov, Tuesday


TBA, Bucuresti, Romania